• Small Businesses Are Our Heros!

    Small Businesses Are Our Heros!

    We believe in Maine’s small businesses because we are one!
  • Great Rates On Home Insurance

    Great Rates On Home Insurance

    We know owning a home is expensive so let us help you find the best insurance at the lowest possible prices.
  • Let Us Help You

    Let Us Help You

    Farming is hard work. But, buying farm insurance doesn't have to be.
  • Truckers Need Help With Insurance Too

    Truckers Need Help With Insurance Too

    Let us help you find the right policy to get your commercial vehicle heading down the road.

Chretien Tyler Insurance

Who does your insurance policy reflect?

Does your policy reflect the coverage you need OR does it reflect average coverage offered to everyone? Does your policy reflect a company that’s the best fit for you OR does it reflect your agent’s favorite company?

Never have to ask yourself those questions again when you work with the agents at Chretien Tyler Insurance.

Your Independent Maine Insurance Agent

At Chretien Tyler Insurance we strive to write policies that are unique to the individual, family or business being protected. Chretien Tyler Insurance has established relationships with a wide variety of top rated carriers and offers numerous personal and commercial insurance products. This allows us to customize a policy that reflects YOU, not your neighbor down the street.

Chretien Tyler Insurance offers personalized policies at competitive prices and always with exceptional customer service. Our agents go above and beyond to do what’s in the best interest of our customers. We empower our clients by educating them and providing tools on risk prevention as well as giving our customers modern access to their policies. This provides convenient, customized interaction, and communication to allow the policy to work for you.

The local, Maine insurance agents at Chretien Tyler Insurance are proud to be protecting Central, Eastern, Northern, and ALL other areas of Maine.

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